Welcome to my humble home on the internet.


Greetings and welcome to my little website. By day (er, actually more by night lately) I teach Physics at Lansing Community College in the capital city of Michigan, hence that banner image. Under the heading of "Physics", I am also currently 2nd VP of the MIAAPT, and have various non-teaching duties around LCC as well, like maintaining our observatory and helping organize our yearly student showcase.

Outside of Physics... I have trouble keeping track of all I do. I currently lead the Technology Team at University Reformed Church (and we also love our small group). I suppose I'm a semi-serious amateur photographer - anyway, people keep sharing my photos for some reason, and I've placed in a few contests - and read when I can (and when I'm not being lazy), and bicycle. I enjoy Twitter, and when my thoughts can't be contained to under 140 characters will occasionally write something longer (see links at right). And we have two cats!